Welcome to Brazos Forum

Doorways, Chaco Canyon

The new one-day format will continue on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23rd, for this, the 35th annual Brazos Forum. There will be an intertwining of art and science with outstanding speakers to excite, educate, and entertain us.

An astrophysicist, who is known for being able to communicate scientific topics to lay people in a way they not only understand but enjoy,  will discuss ‘The Golden Ratio’.  This is said to create a sense of beauty through harmony and proportion and can be seen in art, architecture, music and more, as well as in nature.


Winterthur Museum’s resident scientist will tell us about fakes and forgeries in the art world, how to recognize them, and what to do to avoid being victimized. “Antiques Roadshow Meets CSI: The Art and Science of Fakes” will be fun, interesting, and informative.

A curator for the Preservation Society of Newport, Rhode Island will focus on the homes and life style of the rich and famous during the Gilded Age, including their private residences, their “cottages” (actually mansions) in Newport, and their travels…especially on the ill-fated Titanic. ***

Finally, Waco’s own David A. Smith – Baylor professor, Waco Tribune column writer, and in-demand speaker – will unite these three topics and offer his insightful concluding remarks.

*** With the Titanic exhibit at the Mayborn Museum during the Forum, participants will have an opportunity to tour at a reduced rate.