Here is a sampling of recent Forums to give you an idea of the scope of our programs, followed by the titles of the remaining Forums.


Seaport Cities:  Then and Now  (2017)

“From Wharves to Exchange Buildings to Dressing Tables: Forming American Identity in Colonial Port Cities” with Jennifer VanHorn
“Salem, Massachusetts:  So Much More Than Witches” with Emily Murphy
“Mardi Gras in Mobile” with L. Craig Roberts

Celebrating the Visual and Performing Arts  (2016)

“Carnegie Hall:  The House That Music Built” with Gino Francesconi
“Music in Art” with Margaret Hancock
“Hunting the Show: Curating Marlene Dietrich at the National Portrait Gallery” with Kate Lemay
“That’s Entertainment!” with Dave Tanner

Great American Homes and Gardens  (2015)

“The Idea of the Great American House and Garden” with Dr. Richard Guy Wilson
“Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello: Recent Discoveries from the Mountaintop” with Diane Ehrenpreis
“Curating the Seasons:  Artistry and Delight in the Winterthur House and Gardens” with Tiernan Alexander
“A Grand Georgian Manor House:  Hampton Mansion, its History, Collections, and Gardens” with Gregory Weidman

Texas Stars:  Shapers of History and the Arts (2014 – 30th Anniversary)

“Bylazora and the Last Palace of the Last Macedonian Kings” with Dr. William J. Neidinger
“Building a Timeless House in an Instant Age” with Brent Hull
“George Leighton Dahl – A Remarkable Architect” with Marcel Quimby, AIA
“Unintentional Historians: Three Texas Memory Painters” with Kevin Vogel

An Illuminating Look at Louis Comfort Tiffany (2013)

“Louis Comfort Tiffany and the Supremacy of Color,” with Dr. Martin Eidelberg
“The Jewelry and Jeweled Objects of Louis Comfort Tiffany, ” with Janet Zapata
“Louis Comfort Tiffany in the Context of Late 19th and Early 20th Century Art Glass” with Timothy Novak
“Clara Driscoll and the Tiffany Girls,” with Dr. Martin Eidelberg

Prelude to the Present (2012)

“Ellis Island – The Golden Door,” with Tom Bernardin
“Piano Fever” with Stuart Isacoff
“William & Mary to Castle & Nakashima: The Evolution of American Furniture” with Alfred D. Sharp III
“Towards an American Style: The Evolution of Men’s Fashion in America, 1750-1850” with Henry M. Cooke IV
“Founding Gardeners: The Revolutionary Generation, Nature, and the Shaping of the American Nation” with Andrea Wulf

Preserving Our Past (2011)

“Early 3-D: Looking at Lincoln and the Civil War” with Bob Zeller
“Grandeur Preserved: The Art and Architecture of Charleston” with Brandy S. Culp
“The National Archives – A National Treasure” with Preston Huff
“Behind the Scenes at Carnegie Hall” with Gino Francesconi
“Rediscovering St Paul’s Great Hall” with Randy Schormann

Our Western Heritage (2010)

“National Parks in America’s Western Heritage: Cores, Corridors, and Carnivores” with James D. Nations, PhD
“You Call This Roughing It? Historic Lodges in the National Parks of the West” with Victoria T. Jacobson, AIA
“Folk Baroque: The Mission San Xavier del Bac” with Bob Vint
“Work of a Modern Native Rooted in Old Tradition” with Shane R. Hendren
“American Artist on a Moving Frontier” with Rick Stewart, PhD


Other Past Forums

1985      The Decorative Arts of Early Texas, 1890-1900

1986      The Decorative Arts of the Southwest

1987      Life and Arts in the Antebellum South

1988      Women in the Arts

1989      A Celebration of Victorian Elegance

1990      America Comes of Age: Emerging Arts and Culture

1991      Hudson Valley Anthology: An American Treasure

1992      Palaces of the Gilded Age

1993      The China Trade

1994      Texas – The Arts Today

1995      The French Influence on the American Arts

1996      Tidewater Virginia and Low Country South

1997      Spanish Colonial Art in the New World

1998      Antiques: Connoisseurship and Collecting

1999      Living with Style, 1880-1930

2000      Elegance with a New England Accent, 1750-1850

2001      Let’s Jazz It Up: Savoring New Orleans

2002     From Cottage to Castle: Elegant English Country Living

2003      A Pilgrimage to Natchez

2004      Palazzi, Pavarotti and Pizza: The Italianate in America

2005      The Wonders of the Orient

2006      A Texas Six Pack:  Subtle Secrets of Six Cities

2007      Quintessential Collectors and Their Collections

2008      1776: Creating a Nation and its Culture

2009       Made in the USA:  Uniquely American Treasures