About Us

In 1985, a group of Wacoans was challenged to form an organization designed to encourage the study and preservation of American decorative arts and history.

Since that time, the Brazos Forum has successfully carried out that mission.

Now recognized regionally and nationally, the Forum annually makes an in-depth study of a selected theme, style, region, or culture.

The First Forum

The first Brazos Forum, held October 8 -10, 1985, was a celebration of the Texas Sesquicentennial and was titled “The Decorative Arts of Early Texas, 1890 – 1900.”

Since that time, French, Spanish, Oriental, and Victorian influences, as well as diverse regions of the United States, have been explored.  Many more focused topics such as garden landscaping, presidential porcelain, the birth of presentational silver, the back-stories of our well-loved early American music, hand-made furniture, and the Library of Congress have been discussed and appreciated.

Nationally-known speakers who are recognized experts in their respective fields have come to Waco each year to give illustrated presentations on this vast array of themes and topics. These men and women offer us insight, information, and enthusiasm for their own areas of expertise.

Our Mission

The Brazos Forum was organized to:

  • Encourage the study and preservation of American history, art, literature, music, drama, landscape, trade, and the entire spectrum of decorative arts through illustrated presentations and seminars.
  • Provide scholarships for students and teachers in these disciplines to attend the Brazos Forum.