Welcome To The Brazos Forum 2019

The new one-day format will continue on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23rd, for this, the 35th annual Brazos Forum. There will be an intertwining of art and science with outstanding speakers to excite, educate, and entertain us.


An internationally-respected astrophysicist who is known for being able to communicate scientific topics to lay people in a way they not only understand but enjoy will talk about the mystical mathematical ratio that is said to create a sense of beauty through harmony and proportion.  He will show how it is found throughout nature,  as well as in fine art, architecture, music, design, etc.  He will also share a second, shorter, presentation on human curiosity, and the fact that our species is the only one that can ask “why?”

An art history professor will share how art makes a statement to us, but this statement is visual rather than verbal.  Understanding the vocabulary of art can make it more meaningful and gratifying.  She will focus on how art communicates and how to analyze and interpret it through familiar works of art.


Described as a Renaissance man, the third speaker has invented, built, and performed upon new and unique musical instruments, created kinetic sculptures and sonic installations, developed public works, and is a wildlife photographer.  He will share a multi-faceted program combining his many talents and assets.

Finally, Waco’s own David A. Smith will find the essence of each of the presenters’ talks, then relate them in interesting ways, and share relevant points.  This is not an easy task, but one that he does with ease.  It is always enlightening, entertaining, and often intriguing to hear the connections he makes and the lessons he shares.