Your membership in The Brazos Forum, Inc. will help support its mission of promoting the appreciation of American decorative art and related subjects. Your support is especially important to our program of granting scholarships to local students and teachers to attend the Forum each Fall. By exposing young people today to the beauty and history of paintings, architecture, gardens, fine housewares, music, and the like, we are helping to create the audiences for galleries, museums, concert halls, and theatres of the future.

Membership in The Brazos Forum is open to anyone wishing to join. At any level, the membership fee includes both husband and wife or both partners when noted on the Membership Form.  Membership opportunities are

  • General Membership:         $40 – $74
  • Supporting Membership:    $75 – $99
  • Contributing Membership: $100 or more

To join, please print and complete the form below, then send it with your check to

The Brazos Forum, Inc.
Post Office Box 7795
Waco, TX 76714

You will receive an acknowledgment from the Vice President–Membership, Ellen Thompson. If not, contact her at 254-722-4726 or 

Please click below to download the Membership Form.